Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees

Hollywood starlet Angelina Jolie traveled to the Turkish border Friday to meet with groups of Syrian refugees.

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Nearly 1,700 Syrians have found shelter in this camp after fleeing their homeland due to violent uprisings against the government.
Jolie is one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses, and is also a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations.
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She said she was impressed with the refugees' grasp on their new reality.... especially the children.
Reuters quoted Angelina Jolie saying, "From being here, first of all I have been to Syria before and I've met Syrian people and they are a beautiful people and the children are lovely and intelligent. But what I've been most impressed by is, impressed and disturbed by how much they understand about what's happening in their country, how they speak about family members being killed, themselves hearing gunfire, seeing their houses bombed, having to leave everything. One kid was explaining, I said; 'What did you come with, did you pack?" and he said I had my shirts but that's it."
The flight of civilians from the northwest of Syria has picked up considerably in the last two weeks.
There are now more than 9600 people living in four camps managed by Turkey with the Turkish Red Crescent.