Iran attack displaces Kurds

Hundreds of Kurds flee their homes in northern Iraq after Iran shells the border region in an attack on Kurdish rebels.

Kurdish Rebel 311 (photo credit: Warrick Page)
Kurdish Rebel 311
(photo credit: Warrick Page)
Iranian shelling near the border with Iraq injures two Kurds and kills two others.
Smoke rises from the mountainous northern region of Iraq Monday following Iran's attack on Kurdish rebels.
The governor of Arbil, the main city in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region, blamed Iran for the shelling.
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Arbil Governeor Nowzad Hadi said "A large number of sheep have also been killed in the shelling. The shelling caused panic among the people, forcing them to flee the area and seek refuge in other areas . From this area, we call on the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop these violations and stop the inhumane shelling of civilian people."
The Red Cross said it was aiding 800 displaced Iraqis.
Iran had said Friday that one of its Revolutionary Guard commanders was killed during clashes with rebels.
Iranian forces near the border have often engaged the PJAK, an Iranian offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party fighting for greater autonomy in Iran.