JPOST Classic: Natan Sharanky's Purim at old KGB offices

In clip from 1999, former Soviet dissident recalls examining his old KGB file, some 52 volumes of documents, with Vladimir Putin.

JPost Classic 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
JPost Classic 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In this week's clip, from March 9, 1999, we hear Natan Sharansky describe his pre-Purim visit a month earlier to the offices of the old KGB and his nemesis, Yuri Andropov.
There, Andropov's successor – Vladimir Putin – showed the former Soviet dissident, then Israel's Minister of Industry and Trade – his KGB dossier - some 52 volumes of documents - including papers relating to his arrest and conviction in 1977 on charges of spying for the United States.
Sharansky delivered his remarks before a Reform Movement convention in Jerusalem.