Saleh makes first appearance since attack

Despite burns to his face and arms from a recent assassination attempt, Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh still seeking to hold onto power.

saleh appearance_311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
saleh appearance_311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh's made his first public appearance on Thursday since an assassination attempt on him last month.
Burns covered his face and his arms and hands are reportedly in bandages but Saleh, who has been recovering in Saudi Arabia, isn't ready to give up power -- despite six months of protests seeking his removal.
"We welcome the sharing within the framework of the constitution and in the framework of the law, we welcome power sharing in the framework of the constitution of Yemen, which allows for multiplicity of parties and politics and allows for the freedom of opinion," Saleh said during address on Yemen TV Thursday.
He also discussed the bomb attack on his compound.
"Yes I had a number of operations, more than eight successful operations, to recover from burns caused by the accident, they include eight successful operations. A number of officials also underwent operations including the leader of parliament, the prime minister, the deputy prime minister and Rashad al Alimi, the mayor of Sanaa. More then 87 people affected by this incident, underwent surgery," Saleh said.
Many diplomats say it is unlikely that Saleh will be able to return to Yemen where the movement against him has only intensified.