Israeli companies in the field of cyber security raised $165 million in 2013, about 11% of the world total, Israel National Cyber Bureau chief Eviatar Matania told the Cabinet on Sunday.
Israeli exports in the cyber field, he said, amounted to $3 billion, representing about 5% of the global market, and triple that of the United Kingdom. They represent about 14.5% of total cyber companies in the world. 
"We established the INCB in order to assist turning Israel into a major cyber power," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the meeting. 
"I see the INCB as spurring strong economic development, especially since there is considerable global interest in our abilities, and this can serve not only the defense component, but that of economic growth as well," he added.
Last month, Israel launched CyberSpark, a high-tech park in Beersheba devoted to cyber security, and meant to take advantage of the proximity to Ben-Gurion University, the train, and future IDF bases. 
The park has already drawn investments from Lockheed Martin and IBM.
The INCB and the chief scientist’s office have budgeted NIS 80 million, over two years, to support Israeli companies in the field. 

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