Four years ago at an Anti-Defamation League dinner honoring Steven Spielberg, he chose the occasion to deliver his own commentary on the meaning of the holiday of Hanukka which was set to begin this year on Wednesday night.

He noted that Hanukka lacked the lengthy storylines of a Purim megillah (i.e. the Scroll of Esther) and Passover haggadah (i.e. the order of service of the holiday evening meal or Seder), or the dramatic impact of a Red Sea parting. Spielberg asserted that fabled movie director Cecil B. DeMille never considered making a film titled “The Greatest Chanukah Story Ever Told.” But, Spielberg added, it was through the very smallness of the Hanukka miracle—a small cruise of oil lasting for eight days—“that God manifested His power and His love.”


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