Self-defense - Israel’s only option?

Most analysts are of the assessment that there is no point counting on Obama’s assurance to “take no options off the table, including military options,” to stop Tehran from possessing nuclear weapons.

IAF F-15s refueling midflight [file]
Photo by: Baz Ratner / Reuters
Recent reports in the international media, including The Sunday Times and The Telegraph, suggest that like Israel, Saudi Arabia too is upset with the recent Geneva nuclear deal between the West and Iran. The essence of these reports is that Saudi Arabia perceives a grave threat to its existence from a potential nuclear weapon state of Iran. To ward off this danger, Riyadh could band together with Jerusalem to attack Iranian nuclear plants. The Saudis have recently been to some of the Israeli airbases in the south. They have allegedly agreed to let Israel attack Iran via its airspace. They are practicing standing down their air defenses. In case of an Israeli attack on Iran, Saudi Arabia would cooperate with it in the use of refueling planes, rescue helicopters, and drones. Riyadh could also step up intelligence sharing with Jerusalem.

A defense agreement has reportedly been in the works between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and also the UAE for the sharing of a radar station and missile defense information. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself has been supervising “intensive meetings” with some of the Gulf officials to combat the perceived Iranian threat.

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