Barbarians (or victims) at the gate?

A university dean in Paris grapples with France’s relationship to its Muslim immigrants and to North Africa.

A VAN burns after clashes between French youth and riot police in the Paris suburb of Clichy
Photo by: REUTERS
Fresnes prison is one of the three main prisons in the Paris area, constructed in 1895 as a model place of incarceration. In the fi- nal chapter of The French Intifada, author John Hussey describes a visit there.

Although he was not allowed to speak to the prisoners – an estimated 70 percent of whom are Muslim – one of the guards described a culture war taking place: “You can speak to the Basques or the Corsicans, have a laugh; you could be friends on the outside. With the Muslims, it’s like they’re a secret army, working against you.”

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