The Zamora News commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 by publishing the names of 23 of Zamora’s sons, republicans who left their homes to dedicate their lives to resisting the Nazis along with the Allies and were interned in concentration camps. Many died in the attempt to gain freedom for others. “Each and every one of them was a heroic freedom fighter, sent to captivity or death by the madness of a few,” wrote Paco Colmenero.

The website denounced “The Nazi Holocaust” and all forms of totalitarianism “that have existed in the history of humanity.” The list begins with Secundino Campano Rodriguez, a native of the village of Coreses, who was liberated on May 5, 1945, and ends with Agustín Villamor Prieto, from Alfaraz de Sayago, who died on December 29, 1941. “They were free people. May they rest in peace, we do not forget what you did for us.” It is interesting to note that all their surnames appear to be either Jewish or converso.

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