Grapevine: Upper Nazareth’s interim mayor’s scissors will remain idle

Alex Gedelkin becomes mayor of Upper Nazareth; nature party gets shut down, drugs involved; YouTube removes video clip of Daniella Lugassy singing.

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HE’S NOT the Barber of Seville, but until very recently he was the legendary barber of Upper Nazareth. Now Alex Gedelkin is the mayor – at least until a final decision is reached on his indicted predecessor Shimon Gapso, who was suspended by the Interior Ministry and is on trial at the Haifa District Court.

Gapso has been charged with taking bribes; there have also been allegations of racism against him. The Upper Nazareth Municipal Council voted to install Gedelkin as interim mayor. If Gapso is found guilty, it is highly possible that Gedelkin, if he acquits himself well, will remain in office until the next municipal elections.

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