■ Despite the low points this past week, there have been high points in the Dayan family. As tragic as it was for them to have to attend Assi’s funeral, it did bring about a huge family reunion, as close and distant relatives flocked to Nahalal from many parts of the country, and some flew in from abroad.

Assi Dayan’s older sister Yael Dayan, who was the third generation of the family to become an MK, also served on the Tel Aviv City Council, and was on the list of Tel Aviv dignitaries and celebrities who on Independence Day were named Worthy Citizens of Tel Aviv. The catch is that one has to be at least 70 years old to earn the title. Others on the list were Ruth Aharon, Simona Bar-Sagi, Uri Gothelf, Menachem Golan, Shamai Golan, Yeshayahu Drori, Baruch Vilker, Sara Zak, Moshe Tiomkin, Issachar Cohen, Aryeh Levanon, Meir Mozes, Shimon Mizrahi, Rivka Michaeli and Rabbi Shimon Frenkel.


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