Multi-story walls

Rami Meiri’s new book tells the tale of the striking murals he is known for here and abroad.

Nahalat Binyamin.
Photo by: courtesy
Rami Meiri went to the wall quite some time ago, albeit only in a positive and highly pleasing esthetic way.

There can’t be too many residents of Tel Aviv or indeed anyone who has ever been to the metropolis, who doesn’t know the 55-year-old artist’s work. The 1989 mural of the face of the “shouting man,” with distinctly uneven teeth, eyes shut tightly, hands pulling at the sides of his mouth and a baby’s bottle in his left hand, which is located strategically at the mega-busy intersection near the Azrieli Towers, has become a Tel Aviv landmark. That, and many other Meiri creations from here and all over the world, can be viewed at the public’s leisure in Meiri’s new book, Talking Walls, which was launched this week.

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