Witches in the Holy Land

Shamanism is gaining popularity as a way of serving Mother Earth.

A shrine to Mother Earth is a place to light candles and give thanks.
Shamanism – once the realm of the taboo practices of primitive peoples from the jungles of South America, Africa and Asia – is finding acceptance in the modern Western world. Although shamanic practice can vary among different cultures, in general, shamans play a key role in the societies in which they are revered, using their powers to intercede between the human world and the spirit world to heal an individual and to create harmony on earth.

Israel, too, has a number of contemporary shamanic communities. Adherents take part in shamanic circle gatherings where each participant is connected to the fire burning at its center and through the fire to each other. The circles and the ceremonies they perform are a fundamental element of shamanic observance. These circles represent a loop, a closed environment where there is room for everyone who chooses to be there on an equal footing.

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