Antisemitism in the US is on the rise - what do US senators and Israeli ministers have to say about it?
Israel and America, Part I: National interests, national chaos
February 10, 2017 15:25
Consider. For more than 50 years, Israel has managed to avoid a significant scandal that would damage relations with America. Not that there haven’t been opportunities aplenty.
Netanyahu Trump

Netanyahu and Trump. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Of all the nonsense inflicted upon educated people by so-called political science, perhaps the most ridiculous is the canard that nations pursue their interests.

Pickle bellies! Nations do not pursue their interests. They pursue, sometimes, what their dominant elites and those with access to them/influence over them, presume their interests to be. These perceived interests may or may not coincide with the interests of the nation as a whole. Even when they do and are effectively pursued, times change and everything goes wrong eventually.


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