Britain's Jewish fighters for justice, against antisemitism

No. 9 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2021: UK attorney-general Michael Ellis and UK solicitor general Lucy Frazer.

 Michael Ellis & Lucy Frazer (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Michael Ellis & Lucy Frazer
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)

Michael Ellis, 53, was appointed England’s attorney-general in March, having served since July 2019 as the country’s Solicitor General.

In addition to top legal posts, Ellis also served in a number of other roles, such as minister of State at the Department for Transportation, parliamentary under Secretary of State at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and deputy leader of the House of Commons.

Besides being Jewish, he is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel group, and previously participated in meetings with top Israeli officials to raise concerns about the JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement and the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capabilities in general.

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The group that Ellis joined warned that the JCPOA “does not resolve international suspicions,” while granting Iran an easing of economic sanctions.

He is known for supporting efforts to combat antisemitism in Britain, and has publicly condemned anyone persecuting Jews from either the Right or Left of the spectrum.

In a recent article, Ellis launched a campaign to stop the public from violating court gag orders and suspects’ privacy on social media.

“Speculating about an accused’s previous convictions or character, naming or posting photos of victims, naming individuals or posting photos in breach of reporting restrictions, and leaking embargoed court documents are all examples of contempt of court that can be committed on social media,” he said.

Lucy Frazer, 49, was appointed solicitor general in March, having also briefly served in the same post in early 2019. She had previously served as a minister of State at the Ministry of Justice since July 2019, and as Parliamentary under secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice. 

Frazer was elected as a Conservative MP for South East Cambridgeshire in 2015, and had done an internship at Israel's  Ministry of Justice soon after she graduated from Cambridge.

Frazer’s Jewish grandfather was Dr. Hyman Frazer CBE, headmaster of Gateway Grammar School in Leicester.

Working to raise more awareness of the Holocaust and of later genocides, she wrote in 2020: “This week I signed the HolocaustUK Book of Commitment remembering those who were murdered during the Holocaust. Holocaust Memorial Day reminds us of a terrible time when 6 million Jews were killed. We must remember also, the other genocides that have taken place across the world.”

As solicitor general, she recently succeeded in getting the sentence of a hotel porter, who was convicted of sexual assault, tripled. The porter had attacked a woman in her hotel room after a Christmas party in 2018.