Members of Israel's criminal justice system who are under threat
Israel’s criminal justice system under threat of attack

The list of legal officials who need protective detail is growing.

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron
Hebron violence

The soldier ran into the crowd, shouting at them to step back and escorted the man away.

Nissenkorn: I will block any attempt to override High Court

Newly appointed justice minister zigzags on PM’s attacks on law enforcement

White House's top lawyer at the Supreme Court to resign

Since 2017, Francisco has led the Office of the Solicitor General, a division of the Justice Department that defends government policies against legal challenges.

Protesters confront police officers over the killing of Iyad al-Hallak

Protests were held in Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem as many Arab-Israelis feel the death of the autistic man means their lives are cheap to the police.

A school bus used for transporting New York City public school students is seen driving down 135th a
Minneapolis bus drivers refuse to transfer arrested protesters to prison

"An injury to one is an injury to all”, said bus driver Adam Burch. “police murdered George Floyd and the protest against is completely justified.”

Knesset members discuss Netanyahu's request for immunity
The pot calling the kettle black

In the case of a MK against whom the attorney-general has decided to file an indictment, the members of his party and of his Knesset bloc vote as one.

United Right leader Ayelet Shaked
Shaked ‘took advice’ from far-right Ben Gvir on judicial appointments

“There was a direct line for advice between us [Ben Gvir and Shaked] regarding the appointment of judges and other positions in the legal system,” Ben Gvir said at the conference.

Raquel Montoya-Lewis answers questions from the press after Gov. Jay Inslee announced her appointmen
Native American Jewish justice tells us how she made history

Montoya-Lewis had no role models when she moved from the tribal court system to the state courts. But now her career is paving the way for others to follow.

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