Justice Minister announced plans for judicial reform: What happens now?

The committee on Monday begins its debates on the first out of the three laws.

Israel's new gov't must be careful with judicial reform - editorial

Let’s learn from these lessons, hold a sincere dialogue and be open to learning from the other side. This is what being a democracy is really about.

Israel's judicial reform needs legitimacy to be effective - analysis

For these reforms to work, they will need public legitimacy, and for that legitimacy to be granted, all sides of the political spectrum need to have a say.


Rothman to 'Post': Judicial reforms to strengthen Israeli democracy

MK Simcha Rothman explained to The Jerusalem Post the next steps for the proposed judicial reforms.

In end-of-term briefing, outgoing Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar remains unperturbed

Outgoing Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar leaves his position reflecting on changes he made and changes that need to come.

Lebanon's top judge decries political meddling, calls for 'revolution' in courts

Lebanon's 'chaotic situation' requires a "revolution in approaches" to resolve, Suhail Abboud, head of Lebanon's Supreme Judicial Council, said.


Will incoming gov't ruin checks and balances in Israel's legal system?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: What would the court-override movement mean for the legal establishment?

Neal Hendel: A US oleh who rose to the top of Israel's judicial system

Who is Israeli judge Neal Hendel in terms of where his decisions are on the spectrum of critical debates over judicial liberalism versus conservatism?

Jewish Judge Elena Kagan: Leader of the US Supreme Court's liberal wing

No. 28 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2022: US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

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