Antisemitism is defined as hostility and prejudice toward Jews as well as taking discriminatory action towards Jewish people. Some consider antisemitism to be a form of racism.

The word antisemitism finds its roots in the German word antisemitisch, first used in 1860 by Austrian Jewish scholar  Moritz Steinschneider, in his work regarding false ideas of "Semitic races" in comparison to "Aryan races." However, the discriminatory ideas and actions towards Jews have existed since long before the term was coined.

Early incidents of antisemitism and anti-Jewish persecution include the Edict of Expulsion from England in 1290, the persecution of Jews across Europe during the Black Death from 2348 - 1351, and the Spanish Inquisition and expulsion from Spain in 1492.

The 20th century saw both the Holocaust, the genocide of European Jews, and the expulsion of Jews from countries across the Middle East, leading to the displacement of approximately 850,000 Mizrahi Jews.

In recent years both Europe and the US have seen a steady increase in antisemitic incidents, and 90% of Jews in the European Union have said that they feel this is a serious problem.

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Government funded Canada Muslim org hosts anti-LGBTQ, pro-terrorism speakers

One speaker has said in the past that all homosexuals deserve the death penalty, and another praised terrorist attacks from the recent terrorism wave in Israel.

'Pro-Palestinian' rallies violence against Jews were always connected - analysis

Pro-Palestinian activism has re-packaged genocidal terminology and tried to hide it behind claims of “mistranslation.”

'Calling Israel 'apartheid' is plain antisemitic' - VP of European Parliament

At a conference by the Combat Antisemitism Movement. the WZO and NGO Monitor, world leaders discussed the misappropriation of the term "apartheid" and its use against Israel.


Polish participation in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust

Tryczyk attempts quite successfully to explain the reasons for the pogroms, and the four stages of the process that transformed the Jewish residents from neighbors to defenseless sub-humans.

Top white nationalist: ‘Jews stood in the way’ of ending Roe v. Wade

Nick Fuentes, who founded the America First Political Action Committee and the ”groyper army,” made the comments on his website’s livestream on Friday.


Antisemitism largely eliminated from textbooks in Saudi Arabia - report

Saudi Arabia has seen a trend of improvement in removing antisemitism from its curriculum in recent years.

Peace, prosperity for Israelis & Palestinians -opinion

From our perspective, our collective responsibility as Canadian students must be to fight for the rights of Israelis and Palestinians alike and seek justice for both peoples.


Jewish Rep. Lee Zeldin wins GOP nomination for New York Governor

He is expected to face the incumbent governor, Democrat Kathy ­Hochul, who won her primaries on Tuesday as well.

Melbourne school principal testifies in ex-students' antisemitism lawsuit

Antisemitic activity reportedly increased at the school after the principal gave a speech that called Jews “subhuman.”


92 members of Congress urge DHS 'additional action to combat antisemitism'

“Members of the Jewish community have been attacked, and sometimes killed, simply for being Jewish,” the letter reads.

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