Ivanka Trump's vacation photos of the kids draw angry comments

It’s the photos of her children that have drawn angry comments, snuggling with her kids, next to the words, “Sunday morning vibes. We go together like campfire and marshmallows!"

August 20, 2019 17:44
Ivanka Arabella Trump Grandkids children kushner first family

Ivanka Trump returns to Washington from New Jersey. (photo credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)

When most of us post photos of a family camping trip on social media, the biggest blow back we are likely to get is a phone call from our mothers saying our hair doesn’t look good.

But that’s not the case with Ivanka Trump, aka the First Daughter, aka advisor to President Donald Trump, who just posted a series of glamorous vacation photos to her Instagram account.

She spent the weekend in the country with her husband, Jared Kushner, senior advisor to the president, and their children, aka the First Grandchildren.

Four of the photos show Ivanka and her husband posing together in casual but fashionable outfits, in front of various backdrops at different times of day.

In one, where both are wearing hats, pants and sunglasses and have their arms around each other, the text next to it reads, “Where the wild things are . . . “ In another, as she wears a dressy-for-camping red frock, it reads, “Love. Wonder. Wander. Repeat.”

In a third, she has her hand around Jared’s waist as he holds a beer bottle and seems to be tending an out-of-the frame barbecue. The caption reads, “S’more than a feeling,” so presumably he is making the gooey outdoorsy treat, s’mores. These photos look as if they could come from a Vogue layout on a power couple.

But it’s the photos of her children that have drawn angry backlash comments. In one, she is snuggling with her two younger children, next to the words, “Sunday morning vibes ⛺️ We go together like campfire and marshmallows! #camping.”

Although this and her other photos were liked by tens —sometimes hundreds — of thousands of Instagram users, many others commented on the irony of her inviting America to look at her enjoying her children while migrant children in detention centers have been separated from their parents due to a policy decision by her father’s administration.

In response to the public outcry over the policy, the president pledged to end it, but according to many news reports, hundreds more children have been separated from their parents during the last year.

It is still very much a live issue, and one that dozens of Instagram followers wanted to remind her about.

At the same time, many supporters complimented her children’s cuteness and urged her to ignore the critics.

Although the account is labeled her “Personal Page,” it’s an unusual mixture of Ivanka performing work duties — such as visiting a Florida electric plant recently with Vice President Mike Pence — with photos of her with her family.

In the last photo, in which Kushner wears a heather-gray sweater and jeans and Ivanka looks lovely in a denim dress with a white-lace slip at sunset, the caption reads, “The sun has set on an incredible weekend.”

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