As Gaza cease-fire holds, Arab propaganda war against Israel escalates in press, social media

Palestinians and Hamas sympathizers in the Arab press attempt to disseminate the message of "victory" over Israel after the 50-day Operation Protective Edge.

August 29, 2014 18:47
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Qatari caricature

A caricature in the Qatari newspaper "Al Watan" showing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's hand cut off by the last letter in the word "Gaza.". (photo credit: TWITTER)

While hostilities between Israel and Hamas may be on temporary hiatus with the most recent cease-fire taking hold in the South, the propaganda war against Israel shows no signs of abating.

Despite widespread devastation and over 2,000 deaths, Palestinians on social media as well as Hamas sympathizers in the Arab press appear to be putting on the bravest face possible in attempting to disseminate the message of "victory" over Israel after 50 days of Operation Protective Edge.

A caricature in the Qatari newspaper Al Watan shows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s hand being chopped off by the word “Gaza.”

Qatar has emerged as Hamas’ primary political and financial backer, prompting Israeli accusations that its government is supporting terrorism.

Palestinians on social media posted photographs and video clips on Friday depicting children on the Temple Mount donned in military fatigues and keffiyehs while carrying toy guns and fake rocket-propelled grenades.


The images also show Palestinians waving Hamas flags and banners while marching toward the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.



A number of Palestinians hurled stones at security forces on the Temple Mount on Friday, resulting in a small number of arrests.

Mustafa Ismail, an artist who posts his work online, showed a photograph depicting a Hamas gunman playing guitar while war rages around him. The title of the picture is “the symphony of victory.”


There have also been pictures of Hamas deputy political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh, shown flashing a victory sign against the backdrop of rubble and destruction.


Haniyeh, who was reported to be hospitalized after emerging from a seven-week long stay in hiding, is also seen shaking hands and greeting Gazans as he walks around to survey the scene.



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