Hamas claims it is rebuilding infiltration tunnels into Israel

"We are fine, our tunnels are fine, and our weapons, as well," one of the diggers tells a Hamas affiliated news site.

Hamas terror operatives in Gaza tunnel (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas terror operatives in Gaza tunnel
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Hamas-affiliated website revealed on Sunday that the movement’s armed wing was continuing to dig tunnels, even after Operation Protective Edge.
In an investigative report titled “Kassam’s Shovels Continue to Dig Tunnels after the War,” the site said that members of Izzadin Kassam were continuing to work in the tunnels like “beehives.”
According to the al-Resalah site, the Hamas members “see every inch they dig as a place where an Israeli soldier would be kidnapped or killed.”
Al-Resalah’s reporter Mahmoud Foda said he visited one of the tunnels in an undisclosed location in the Gaza Strip.
Foda described how Kassam militiamen gather in the morning at the entrance to the tunnel at the beginning of another work day.
The commander of the militiamen, Abu Khaled, was quoted as saying, “We need every minute. We have a lot of work ahead of us that requires tremendous efforts and patience.”
Work inside the tunnel never ceased, he said, adding that his men began digging the tunnel a few years ago.
“Thank God for making us soldiers specializing in digging tunnels. True, this is hard work, but we keep in mind that we will be rewarded by God,” another Hamas militiaman said.
The report said that the Israel Air Force targeted the tunnel during the last military confrontation after spotting Hamas fighters emerging from its opening, and that it was renovated during one of the truces between Hamas and Israel.