WATCH: Hebrew speaking-ISIS jihadi threatens Israel, Jews worldwide in new video

Islamic State media voices its support of the wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel.

Islamic State video in Hebrew
The Islamic fundamentalist organization known as Islamic State released a video Friday, showing one of its jihadi militants threatening to attack Israelis in Hebrew, promising that "soon there will not be one Jew left in Jerusalem."
ISIS's Syrian branch posted the clip to Youtube, depicting a masked terrorist, dressed in military fatigues and holding a rifle, speaking Hebrew with an Arabic accent, while making ominous threats against the Jewish State.
"We will enter al-Aksa mosque as conquerors, using our cars as bombs to strike the Jewish ramparts," the ISIS militant said.
"Do what you will in the meantime until we reach you," the jihadi continues. "Then we will charge you ten-fold for the crimes" you have committed against the Palestinian people.
"We assure you that soon there will not be a single Jew left in Jerusalem and throughout the country," adding "we will move to eradicate the disease" of the Jewish people "worldwide."
According to a new report by The Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute), Islamic State has launched a media campaign releasing a series of videos in support of terror attacks and encouraging Palestinians to carry out more.
Islamic State does not  have an operational presence on the ground in Israel, but  its propaganda over the Internet has proved influential, with a handful of Israelis joining the fundamentalist movement in recent months.
For now, Islamic State is more of an observer to the violence waging in Israel as local groups such as Hamas have the advantage in claiming the terror as its own because of proximity and its experience waging war against Israel, not only in words.
Ariel Ben Solomon contributed to this article