IDF issues 3rd report on Gaza war probes

120 incidents have been or are in the process of being reviewed.

IDF soldiers near border with Lebanon. (photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF soldiers near border with Lebanon.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The military on Thursday released its third major report on Gaza war crimes investigations.
The report mentioned that 120 incidents have been or are in the process of being reviewed and that 65 of the incidents are past the initial review, with the IDF Military Advocate-General weighing his final decision.
The army announced six new criminal investigations, the most notable of which involved a July 30, 2014, strike on an UNRWA facility in which 20 Palestinians were killed. The report said that there was a reasonable basis to thin that the rules of engagement were not properly followed.
The other five new criminal investigations, involved lower key crimes such as theft or beatings.
Thirteen criminal investigations were announced in September and December.
The IDF also announced the closing of 17 case reviews on the basis of their being insufficient evidence to open full criminal investigations, evidence that the IDF was not involved in the alleged incident or that the incident required improved procedures, but not a criminal investigation.
The IDF announced updates on some already initiated criminal investigations, including two investigations into soldiers stealing from Palestinians. The two cases were closed as the Palestinian alleged victims refused to give testimony on the issue, fatally undermining the evidentiary basis of any possible prosecution.
There was still no announcement regarding the August 1 “Hannibal Protocol” incident, when terrorists kidnapped Lt.
Hadar Goldin into a tunnel and the IDF tried to prevent his capture.
The report was put out as the Palestinians plan to move forward with war crimes complaints against Israel and the IDF before the International Criminal Court on April 1.

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