Two stabbing attacks in Ra'anana

Civilians subdued the terrorist until police forces arrived on the scene.

Stabbing attack in Ra'anana
Terrorists carried out two stabbing attacks in Ra’anana Tuesday morning, leaving several people wounded in the span of a couple hours on the central Israeli city’s main thoroughfare.
The first attack happened around 8:50 am, when an attacker stabbed a 32-year-old man at a bus stop on Ahuza Street, outside a shopping center in the middle of town. The man was moderately wounded with injuries to his stomach and neck, but managed to fight off his attacker and once other civilians came, they were able to subdue the man until police arrived.
One of the civilians – a real estate agent with an office on Ahuza Street - reportedly began attacking the terrorist with an umbrella that he had in his office. That followed an incident last night in Jerusalem when a passerby wielding nunchakus subdued an attacker, and a man in Jerusalem on Tuesday who reportedly attacked a terrorist using a “selfie stick”.
Dep.-Ch. Kobi Shabtai , commander of the Sharon subdistrict said Tuesday morning that police forces who arrived at the scene found a 32-year-old local man lightly wounded and a terrorist from east Jerusalem in his 20s.
The quiet didn’t last long, and at 10:40 am police received a report of a stabbing outside Beit Levinson hospital further down Ahuza Street, where a 28-year-old man from East Jerusalem stabbed four people sitting at a café, wounding one seriously and three lightly.
The attacker then fled down Ahuza Street while a group of bystanders gave chase. A motorist who saw the scene unfolding hit the terrorist with his car, and then he and another motorist grabbed him and subdued him until police arrived. 
The incidents were a departure of sorts for Ra’anana, a quiet, rather well-to-do suburb north of Tel Aviv that’s popular with Anglo immigrants.
Police said one of the two attackers worked in the area of the attack, and are still trying to determine how and why the other attacker arrived in Ra’anana on Tuesday. Their names were not released yet by press time, but police said they do not believe that the two were connected or acted together.