Syrian opposition: Israel killed senior Hezbollah officer by Damascus

July 23, 2019 02:43
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A Hezbollah member carries his weapon on top of a building on May 25, 2016.

A Hezbollah member carries his weapon on top of a building on May 25, 2016.. (photo credit: HASSAN ABDALLAH / REUTERS)

A senior Hezbollah official and a supporter of Bashar Assad's regime in Syria, Mashur Zidan, was killed on Sunday in a car explosion on the outskirts of the al-Kaliya bridge in the southwest of the Damascus suburbs, according to Syrian sources.

Zidan was among those close to Samir Kuntar, who was assassinated by Israel and the blame in Syria is placed on the Mossad, who they claim was responsible for the assassination of Zidan.

Zidan was travelling with another person when an Israeli drone fired a missile at him, according to a Syrian opposition website.

Hezbollah began to deploy forces in Lebanon and Syria close to the Israeli border, according to reports on Saturday.

The Daily Beast posted an interview with a number of commanders in the terror organization that claimed the organization was harmed directly by the financial sanctions the US imposed on Iran and that therefore, it intends to take hostile action against Israel if Iran decides it is time to do so.

One of the commanders noted that there is a chance that a war will break out between Hezbollah and Israel, the kind "that would not be like its predecessors," stressing that "this time, we will be the first to shoot."

The commander emphasized that the sanctions have a negative effect on the Iranian economy in a way that affects its support for the terrorist organization.

"If a missile hits Iran, it will be treated as though Israel fired it," he threatened. The commander also said that "even before the civil war in Syria, we wanted to open a front against Israel in the Golan Heights, but the Syrian government drew a red line. Now there are no more red lines."

This article was translated from Maariv by Tamar Beeri.

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