Jeremy Sharon

Jeremy Sharon

Jeremy Sharon reports on religious affairs in Israel, covering Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as other minority faith groups in the country. Before joining The Jerusalem Post he worked at several think tanks and public diplomacy groups and also served in the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit.

In addition, Jeremy has provided commentary and analysis on Israeli diplomatic and foreign policy issues for The Guardian, LA Times, and other international newspapers. Hailing from London, England, Jeremy has a BA in History from the University of Leeds and an MA in History of International Relations from the London School of Economics.

AN ETHIOPIAN-ISRAELI spiritual leader participates in the main Sigd holiday prayer gathering at the

Sigd holiday brings thousands to Jerusalem to celebrate

Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein

Lehava head Bentzi Gopstein indicted for incitement to terror, racism

Rabbi on conversion

World Bnei Akiva former head slams Rabbi Druckman for 'coup' comment

Sar-El 248.88

Swiss man cleared of treason after trial for volunteering for IDF


Does Mahaneh Yehuda still back Bibi Netanyahu?

A bus travels along Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, central district cities launch Shabbat public transit


Top Israeli rabbis laud Trump and his settlement policy decision


Satmar grand rabbi gives $5 million to institutions refusing state money


Jewishness of egg-donation children cast into doubt

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

US Reform chief: Settlement decision undercuts fight against BDS

The Grand Rabbi, or Rebbe, of the Satmar Hassidic community Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum arriving at Ben

Satmar Grand Rabbi arrives in Israel for ten-day visit


Hungarian government grants Orthodox Jews formal recognition


Haredim unlikely to compromise on religion and state political issues

Storm clouds pass over a Roman Catholic church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. August 14, 2018

Americans believe religious influence waning, that’s bad for the country

Letter sent by British PM, Boris Johnson to Jewish Agency Chairman, Isaac Herzog, November 2019

UK PM Johnson: More must be done ‘to stamp out’ antisemitism

Meir Kahane

Kahanists rail against government, ceasefire with Gaza


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