Lenny Ben David

Lenny Ben-David

The author is the director of publications at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The comments here are his personal opinion. A former Israeli diplomat, he is the author of American Interests in the Holy Land.
A MAN displays a picture of Quds Force head Maj.-Gen Qasem Soleimani (right) and Iraqi militia comma

Qasem Soleimani’s final interview

Reading a torah scroll

What the capture of Beersheba in 1917 taught me about Isaac

JEWS CROWD onto a British army armored car as they celebrate in downtown Jerusalem the morning after

Is it time now for the ‘Arab Mandate’ for Palestine?

indian soldiers turkish jerusalem

Remembering the Indian soldiers who helped liberate Jerusalem 100 years ago

Kennedy Israel

Bobby Kennedy’s 1948 visit to the Palestine front lines

TURKISH TROOPS pose at a World War I memorial near Istanbul.

Horror and carnage in the Middle East – in historic context

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Com

The AIPAC conference in Washington isn’t over

The USS North Carolina

The US Navy saved Jews of Eretz Yisrael exactly 100 years ago

bloomberg israel

The FAA, the Oslo Accords and the Straits of Tiran


Hamas’s useless attempt to plead innocence

world war i

Why was a ton of matza delivered to the US Army in France during World War I

Palestinian throwing stones at Israeli border police near Nablus, March 29, 2013.

The granting of ‘limited liability’ to the Palestinians

Rabbi Isaac Herzog at a graduation ceremony at a flying school at Lydda (Lod) airport in 1939.

Historical pictures

Ambassador Dan Shapiro at the GA in Jerusalem, Nov. 11, 2013.

Chill out! Relations between the US and Israel are certainly not in a state of crisis

A group of leper men, circa 1900.

The lepers of Jerusalem

THE CHILDREN of Nahalal (circa 1920s).

The cigarbox collection


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