Today I took out on loan two books from a very nice library in Edmonton. We have many good libraries in the city. I liked the downtown one the most because of the location though it’s closed for renovations. Today the one I went into was a nice facility with exercise etc. close to many other city features.

The books one from Time regarding the Arab spring with nice pictures the other a digest type of book on Israel. I love reading from topics such as those though for Israel topics in the last six months the articles are mostly coming from the web.

Now lately I have been tuned more into finding news sources from Facebook or twitter then going deeper. I learned my search techniques better at the epl over other areas in Canada I’ve lived. The books are inspiring me to get off a post on here tonight rather than wait until tomorrow.

I love being on Jpost now which sort of feels to me as though I’m published. I hope you find my other self-hosted blog sooner than later. I blog a lot regarding conservative topics which I know conservatives support Israel finding peace.

There is a lot of unrest in the world which I know civilized people will prevail over. Israel is the best safe guarder of the Holy Land. It makes me sad that Israel has to wait for a new USA administration to support peace there.

Trump Pence had a controversial election though I feel popularity will come after some adjustment. You will find Israel does make the right moves in peace agreements which will have real brokers. The Palestinian movements will cease to harass Jews to some degree. I would so love to visit the most beautiful country in the world.

I have seen so many travel ads lately such as Israel beyond belief which makes travel seem possible though it will be quite some time before I do make that journey. You can count me in to photograph some of the beautiful IDF soldiers like I keep seeing on the web. I think mandatory service is not only essential to the survival of Israel but makes good citizens of the world.

Please don’t give up hope in regards to living in peace which is on the way I feel. Living in a defensive position for as long as it’s been is disheartening. The world should have responded in a good way much sooner rather than waiting for Israel to be ablaze. I am happy and proud that Canada has rejected BDS but voted against many resolutions hostile to Israel. Canada doesn’t have a veto which it should have had considering its contributions to peace and Canada’s involvement in the World Wars.

To all of Israel I wish Shalom, peace, and happiness tranquility forever.

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