Like Trump or not, one must agree that there is tremendous division about his election not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. In my country, Canada, I would guess that most people not only would never vote for him but despise him. They are disgusted by him. When discussions arose around me during the election, the conversations usually entailed a constant mantra of hate against Trump and his supporters. If someone (like me) spoke up in support of him, the typical response was ‘How dare you?!’. It was near impossible to get into normal discussions about him and the other candidates. Important facts or ideas were lost in the fray of nonsensical mainstream media talking points. 



So why was it so?


The answer is simple and obvious. We have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and others with an agenda. Over the years we have lost our respect to the true thinkers that should lead society to better ourselves. Instead we honour and make heroes out of people who as good as they may be at their jobs, are not the people we should be taking instruction from. I’m talking about actors, sports people and folks in the entertainment industry. These empty heads have been brainwashed by the media too and for good reason. It's the media that most entertainers rely on for a living. Since the media can make or break an actor or anyone for that matter, it makes sense that these people will chime in with whatever the mainstream media has to say. The media  attack Trump and his supporters at every turn so these actors follow suit. As for the rest of us who watch TV, we too succumb to this same brainwashing. With the likes of CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC, New York Times, Washington Post and hundreds of thousands of media outlets, it's near impossible not to be influenced by their anti-Trump propaganda. 

Even brilliant political analysts like Alan Dershowitz were duped by this constant barrage of societal brainwashing. Egos can get stroked and manipulated easily. It's great to see that many people have finally come around to seeing the truth. The sky may not fall despite electing Trump. In fact this may be our biggest salvation in many years.  


I will never forget the constant playing of Trump’s nasty bragging of how he gets women on CNN and every other news channel. It was on a loop for hours on and lasted for days! Is it any wonder that people forgot about the serious issues facing the US and the world at large? Existential real issues like the deadly Iran deal were pushed out of our minds and we were refocussed on his ‘pussy’ statement. He was compared to a rapist by many and still is. Never mind that Bill Clinton had actually raped women and got a full pass, Trump’s were words only. Words that were uttered in private and words that most men and plenty of women have spoken at least once in our lives if not often. When it was discovered that some members of the KKK planned to support him, he was immediately accused of being a Nazi. He could do no right and any of his deplorable supporters were deemed xenophobic, ignorant fools like him.


Our educational institutions have moved to the far left, in case you haven’t noticed. This has happened slowly but surely over the past 30+ years. There are also many powerful organizations, people and wealthy Gulf states who also have their own agendas as to what is best for them. Pushing a left wing agenda is their answer (today anyways) and they have been very successful at it. Most of us are oblivious to the large donations that many antisemitic, anti-right wing and anti-West Muslim terror sponsoring states give to our universities throughout the world. Obviously these schools pay back their gracious donors by hiring professors and administrators that are Muslim Gulf state approved. 


Unlike most on the left, I use the internet to do my own research and close my ears and eyes to the sheer nonsense and lies (some overt some subtle) from the mainstream media. That's how I find the truth. It's not always easy as the internet is also loaded with fantastic lies. Sometimes it takes some effort to get at the facts. Maybe in the old days one could watch the news on TV or read the highlights in your local newspaper to get the current events. Now its more opinion than fact. But the progressives on the left are lazy. They refuse to do the work to get at the facts or read history books. They use  the old style of getting the news. They cling to reading headlines in their local papers or watching CNN for a few minutes every evening. Using these shortcuts will certainly arrive at the false conclusion that Trump is a racist, misogynist, hateful, divisive president and that Obama was a saint.

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