Former Member of Knesset Mordechia Virshubski dies at 82

May 1, 2012 14:30

Former Shinui and Ratz MK Mordechai Virshubski passed away on Tuesday at age 82.

Virshubski served as an MK from 1977-1992, first as a member of Shinui, and then as part of Meretz in 1987. He lost his seat in 1992 when Shinui, Mapam and Ratz joined to form Meretz. Among his parliamentary achievements is the cancelation of censorship for the theater.The former MK was born in Germany in 1930, and made aliya in 1939. A lawyer by profession, he began his political career in 1966, serving as a member of Tel Aviv’s municipal council until 1977. He returned to the position after leaving the Knesset, until his retirement in 1998.

Virshubski’s funeral will take place in Tel Aviv tomorrow. He leaves behind his wife, Viola, two sons and five grandchildren.

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