Libyan rebels: We need over 10 days to take Sirte

BENGHAZI, Libya - It will take Libyan rebels more than 10 days to take Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi's home town and one of his last bastions of support, a rebel commander told Reuters on Sunday.
He said rebel troops had advanced on Sirte from east and west and were trying to negotiate the town's surrender, but would fight if needed. "Our aim isn't bloodshed, our aim is liberation," Colonel Salem Muftah al-Refaidy told Reuters during a visit to Benghazi. "We don't want more bloodshed, especially among the civilians -- children, elderly, women.""(But) there's no chance of return, no chance of withdrawal," he said. "After all this bloodshed we can't say, 'Come here Muammar, come here Saif -- we're sorry, take Libya'. It's done. Game over."
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