MK Ghattas to Al Jazeera: 'Purpose of my arrest- political extermination of Arab MK'

December 27, 2016 17:30

Upon his release from jail to a 10-day house arrest, MK Basel Ghattas gave an interview to Al Jazeera, in which he claimed that his arrest is part of an "on-going incitement wave against the Arab society in Israel."

MK Ghattas also noted in the interview that the fact that a Knesset member is being arrested is in itself a precedent. Ghattas went on to state that "the purpose of my arrest is to carry out a political extermination of an Arab Knesset member. It's part of a general political deterioration that is happening in Israel and which includes racism, the rise of the Israeli Right and the political and religious extremism."

Ghattas, who was interrogated and arrested due to the suspicion that he smuggled cellphones into the prison cells of high-risk Palestinian prisoners, emphasized that "it is an honor for me to continue tracking the condition of security prisoners, especially Arab prisoners (who are Israeli civilians) who have been behind bars for decades."

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