New habitat to restore rare fish from brink of extinction

November 13, 2016 17:16

Hoping to revive a rare fish population in critical danger of extinction, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority inaugurated a new restorative habitat in the Tel Saharon Nature Reserve in Israel's North on Sunday.

The fish in question is the Nemacheilus dori, a ray-finned fish of the Balitoridae hillstream loach family, endemic and unique to the Beit Shean region. First discovered in the 1960s by Tel Aviv University fish expert Prof. Menachem Goren, who received an honor for his work at the launch ceremony, the Nemacheilus dori was identified as new to science, according to the INPA. 

Through the INPA's program for rare fish preservation, scientists have succeeded in breeding thousands of Nemacheilus dori fingerlings every year since 2013, under the direction of Dr. Yaron Krotman. The newly built artificial habitat, which will serve to further preserve the fish, was designed to provide optimal conditions for their growth and reproduction, the INPA said.

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