Yadlin on Netanyahu's speech to Congress: Iran will be stopped by actions

January 25, 2015 14:37

Former IDF Intelligence Chief and Labor's candidate for defense minister Amos Yadlin added his voice to the criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to speak before the US Congress in March, saying Iran will be stopped by actions, not speeches.

Netanyahu has been criticized for not coordinating his visit with The White House and for speaking only two weeks before the Israeli election.

"Relations with the US are a strategic asset for Israel. Whoever harms them and the American president harms the effort to stop Iran's nuclear arms race. As defense minister, I will talk less and do more on every level, while understanding that relations with the US are a significant aspect of Israel's power and strength," he stated.

Yadlin added that, with the security situation in the north, Israel needs its most important ally on its side, and should keep in mind that any unilateral actions by the Palestinians vis-a-vis the UN could require an American veto.

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