Seven strategic tips to move your business forward

These are some of the key pointers from a recent seminar I gave to the Ner L’elef Organization.

June 5, 2013 23:51
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Dollar bills.

Dollar bills 370. (photo credit: Steve Marcus / Reuters)

These are some of the key pointers from a recent seminar I gave to the Ner L’elef Organization. Enjoy!

Successful interaction by managing expectations

It is important that people walk away feeling positive about their encounter with us. The way that they feel is largely the result of their expectations. If they expected better and had to put up with worse, they will be disappointed. If they expected less, they will be pleasantly surprised and feel much more positive towards us.

Practically, whenever possible, downplay what can be expected at events and classes – of course without turning people off altogether.

This will ensure positive feedback.

Introduce yourself

If you can get people to feel like they know you before they have to commit to formally meeting with you, people will feel less inhibited to ‘make the jump.’ It is awkward for most of us to take steps into the unknown.

Our first step is to get everybody involved long before they step through the door.

Practically, whenever you have the opportunity to communicate with others [write-ups, emails, video, facebook etc.] use the opportunity to introduce yourself and what you do. Share stories and communicate openly. People will begin to know you before they’ve even met you!

Appealing effectively

1. Never leave your appeal to the end of your presentation.

Once the content is over, people mentally switch off. Always embed your appeal in the middle of your presentation. You can casually slip it in several times.

2. When appealing, people have to feel comfortable accepting your offer. They certainly don’t want to stand out as a lone idiot because they alone decided to take you up. Communicate that this is a natural progression and a choice which many people make.

Practically, always say “for those who are interested” instead of “if you are interested.” Alternatively, say “when you are interested.”

The difference is subtle but very important.

Subtle communication

The greatest way to combat your audience’s reservations is by addressing them in passing. An entertaining story which innocently addresses their concerns is a brilliant method of communication.

For example, a funny story about someone who joined your program could let everyone know that there is a follow-up program, that normal people partake, and that fun is had by all.

Identify advertising concerns

Of course, if people are not interested in the product we have to offer, there is little hope of attracting them. However, many people who are interested in what we have to offer are held back by their reservations.

Always identify the three big concerns people will have which may prevent them from enrolling in your program. For example: 1. Who else will be there? Will I be joined by like-minded people? 2. I am afraid that I will be put on the spot and asked to commit to something or do something that I really don’t want to do.

3. I don’t want to be stuck in a boring three-hour speech.

Use your advertising to address these concerns. Use photographs, language and testimonials to address each of the concerns. You may want to emphasize the live-music at your parties. You may want to emphasize the buffet. Add the testimonials of “regular” people who enjoyed your previous events.

The best testimonials

1. You know best what you need to communicate about your organization, especially when it comes to addressing the big three concerns. Enlist the help of those who are excited by your programming and ask them if they would be willing to sign on YOUR SCRIPT.

2. Include testimonials which would be meaningful to all sects of your target audience. Your target audience needs to be able to identify with the characters in the testimonials. Employ younger and older, professionals and students, male and female. and so forth.

The best photographs

Always make sure that your photographs communicate the message you are trying to get across. Pictures of your center or a beautifully set up event may not be what is really needed.

People want to see that others are enrolled and excited. Take your pictures at the busiest time.

Placing ads

The most effective position is the outer column of the right hand page. People have to notice it even as they instinctively turn the page. Advertising on a full page of ads ensures that your ad gets skipped. Always place your ads on a page which people will read.

Specializing your advertising

People are more likely to attend events catered specifically to people like them. An event advertised “for doctors” is a great way to bring in doctors. Topics with universal appeal can easily be presented as unique. “Time management in the work place,” “Time management in the build-up to exams,” “Time management in running the house.”

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