What's your Israel story?

Jpost.com wants to hear about your experience in the Holy Land.

March 7, 2017 14:22
Pope Jerusalem

Pope Francis at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem during his May 2014 visit to Israel. (photo credit: REUTERS)

What's your Israel story? Jpost.com is on mission to find unique, exciting, and inspiring stories from our Christian readers all over the world. Send us your stories and photos, connect with other readers, share experiences, and learn new perspectives as we launch JPilgrim.

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Experienced the Holy Land, Biblical sites, and ancient history?

Had an interesting encounter with Israelis?

Found a special spot off-the-beaten-path?

Jpost.com wants to share your story. Our new feature ‘JPilgrim’ will highlight the incredible experiences of readers like yourself, and connect our Christian from all over the world to Israel.

How to share your story:
1. Send an email to campaign@jpost.com with the subject line: JPilgrim
2. Include your story and any relevant photos
3. Check JPost.com to see new and updated posts from our readers
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