israel and christianity

  Sheba Medical Center prepares a field hospital to be sent to Ukraine

Share Israel's 'tikkun olam' efforts in Ukraine with young Christians

Opinion: Ruth Wasserman Lande on why she joined the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

5 reasons Christians should always support Israel

Opinion: Pastor Jentezen Franklin provides five key reasons why Christians should stand with Israel.

By Jentezen Franklin
  Anne Graham Lotz and Jonathan Feldstein

How Christians are blessing Israel after the 'rapture'

Opinion: There are many ways that Christians can support Israel even after their deaths, the author explains.


Why Jews and Christians must work together for Israel

“I think today, we are at a place where Christians understand Jewish people’s red lines and sensitivities."

 A GENERAL view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City last year.

Why are followers of Jesus so interested in traveling to the Jewish state?

Opinion: Reading God’s word in the places where the ancient stories happened can deepen a person’s faith and motivate them to learn more, the author writes.


How many Israeli Jews believe in Jesus? New book sheds light

“Jesus-Believing Israelis: Exploring Messianic Fellowships" claims there are 280 Messianic fellowships in the Jewish state.

  The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Estonia

'Israel is not alone': Christians, Jews pray for Jerusalem

Speakers at Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast call for prayers, peace as winds of war are brewing in the region

By All Israel News Staff

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Pastor Grace Studies Hebrew in Jerusalem

Grace Wang's parents were born in mainland China, and she grew up in Taiwan. So what is she doing studying Hebrew in Jerusalem?

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