French authorities arrest Muslim girls planning attack on synagogue

Teen girls indicted last week for conspiracy to commit terrorism after plot discovered to blow up Great Synagogue of Lyon.

August 31, 2014 19:51
Great Synagogue of Lyon

General view of the inside of the Great Synagogue of Lyon.. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Two teenage Muslim girls were arrested for planning a suicide bomb attack on a synagogue in Lyon in east-central France.

The girls, ages 15 and 17, were arrested last week after the plot to blow up the Great Synagogue of Lyon was discovered, the French language JSS News website reported, citing an unnamed source from the Central Directorate of Homeland Intelligence.

The girls never met, communicating only via social media, according to the source.

They were indicted on August 22  for conspiracy to commit terrorism.

“These girls were part of a network of young Islamists who were being monitored by security services,” the source reportedly told JSS News.

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