All about that folk

From intimate evenings to twice-yearly hoots, Philippa Bacal knows that folk music is where it’s at.

November 25, 2016 11:54
3 minute read.
Hazel Hill String Band

THE POPULAR Hazel Hill String Band attracts fans at myriad musical events: contra dances, line dances, weddings, folk clubs, bicycle races, county fairs and more. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Folk music was never played in Philippa Bacal’s London home, but this didn’t stop her from sneaking out to listen to it at a local university or while watching the 1967 movie The Graduate.

Decades later, Bacal is still listening to one of her favorite genres of music and has spent the last six years as one of the organizers of Folk Music Evenings in Jerusalem along with Dena Maltinisky, Robin Cohen, Angela Ben-Gur, Hachmoni, Yehuda Brumberg, Cecile Panzer and Elazar Brandt, who have helped keep the events going.


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