Sustainability in regrowing supermarket plants

Earth Day is on April 22 – the perfect time to save money and help the environment

April 20, 2017 21:10

Vegtables. (photo credit: screenshot)

You feel guilty throwing away vegetable peels and scraps: “I live in an apartment and composting is just not going to happen.” And anyway, you reason, what difference can one person’s efforts make to the ecology? You’d be surprised. Consider this: According to Leket, Israel’s food bank, Israelis throw out 2.45 million tons of food every year, most of it still edible. The bigger picture revealed here is that 35% of Israel’s overall domestically grown food goes not into our stomachs but into landfills.

How often does it happen in your kitchen that a big bunch of greens goes rotten in the refrigerator, or that you dig a sprouty potato out of the bin? It used to happen to me often, when I didn’t cook the whole big bunch that looked so tempting in the shuk. The vegetables would sit, sad and unused and taking up room in the fridge, until I threw the surplus out.


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