Recycled glass was used in floors of ancient Greek luxury villa

The seven glass samples from the House of Charidemos show a composition quite typical of the late Antiquity soda-lime-silica glass, six of which likely included decolored recycled glass.

WeFill reduces its customers’ plastic usage while stocking their pantries

The company’s unique approach to packaging is the cornerstone behind its mission to reduce consumers’ monthly plastic waste

Recycling reform is just not good enough - opinion

The deposit program needs to be further expanded to include all recyclable product containers, and the deposit will only be effective if in-store collection is administered properly.

Woman recycling (Illustrative)

Shufersal to introduce a fleet of reverse vending machines amid recycling crisis

Following a shortage of deposit stations for recyclables, the Asofta corporation is partnering with Shufersal to make bottle recycling more accessible.

This week in Jerusalem: Save the girls

Your weekly round-up of city affairs.


Israeli compostable packaging co TIPA raises $70m

Plastic packaging is a growing worldwide problem, with plastic pollution weighing on the environment and the sea and harming the health of mankind and animals.


Bottled up: Israel’s Deposit Law will now also include big bottles

Bottles between a liter and a half and five liters will now be included in the Deposit Law.

An Egged bus in front of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station

Grapevine: Building craze

Movers and shakers in Israeli society

Israeli cleantech to expand globally in new gov't initiative

The Ministry of Economy launched an initiative that will assist hi-tech Israeli waste-reduction and recycling companies by connecting them to growing international demand for green technologies.

Planet Earth globe

Israelis think recycling electronics is important- but don't know how

According to the survey, 76% of respondents said they would recycle if there were more recycling facilities in their city. However, only 26% said that actually do so themselves.

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