Enough is enough, the war on Jews has to stop

Let's start with the NYT, a left-leaning newspaper that's slowly becoming known for its antisemitism.

ARE WE doing enough to confront antisemitism? (photo credit: REUTERS)
ARE WE doing enough to confront antisemitism?
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Once again, the world witnesses another attack on Jewish people, this time by a white supremacist. It was only six months ago when we mourned the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States, which resulted in the killing of eleven people and injuring seven others.
Today however, the question isn't "why did it happen?", but perhaps: How we got here in the first place?
It was the last day of Passover. Members of the California Jewish community had gathered at Congregation Chabad in Poway, north of San Diego, when John Earnest, 19, opened fire at the congregants, claiming the life of an innocent 60-year-old woman. Three others were wounded, one of them a 57-year-old Rabbi.
While genuine condolences poured in to condemn the antisemitic attack, another group decided it was a good time to reveal their hypocrisy.
Let's start with the NYT, a left-leaning newspaper that's slowly becoming known for its antisemitism. Only three days ago, the NYT internationally printed an antisemitic cartoon of President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.
The cartoon presents Trump as a blind Jew that is being guided by Netanyahu, an Israeli dog. The NYT then retracted the cartoon, and issued a non-apology. It's one thing to criticize Netanyahu and Israeli policy, and it's another thing to dehumanize an individual simply because he is Jewish.

Giant media corporations have the audacity to publish such content because they know that there is an audience willing to support their antisemitism, and in many cases, these audiences include somewhat influential figures like members of the KKK. Leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan for example, is a self-confessed antisemite. In one of his sermons, he states: "I'm not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite."

Then, of course, we have the three sisters in faith and agenda: Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar; who are focused on normalizing antisemitism on public platforms and within US government departments. Their statements have introduced a new level of antisemitism, one that is significantly more dangerous than what our societies have gotten used to.
There are two types of antisemitism:
The first type involves hating Jewish people and rejecting them as a community that deserves equal rights as the rest of citizens.
The second type involves presenting the Jewish people as the main cause behind great evil on planet earth: That they had assassinated God’s Prophets in the past, are now controlling the government and media; and that the world would be a wonderful place without them.
The second form of antisemitism gives birth to the idea that:
Such an evil community must be removed from society by all means possible. This is the type of anti-semitism that promotes not only the rejection of Jewish people, but their elimination. This violent idea is equally promoted by militant Islamists, extremist Christians and White Supremacists.
Attacks on Jewish communities will come to an end only when the majority of us citizens realize that an attack on Jewish people is an attack on each and every one of us, when governments realize that more than condolences is required to combat this serious level of hate, and when we develop the courage to publicly defend this minority by saying: They are us. They are not termites.