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Has the New York Times backed down from covering Hamas's sexual crimes?

Previous studies show criticism of the Hamas attack vanished from the NY Times. New Data suggests that this apathy also applies to Hamas's sexual violence


From Oct. 7 to today: How Hamas criticism vanished in The New York Times

The sharp criticisms came not only from Jews and Israelis but, surprisingly, also from pro-Palestinians, who claimed that the newspaper was actually pro-Israel. So what is the truth?


Presidential candidate RFK Jr said he had a brain worm in 2012

The 2012 deposition came during divorce proceedings from his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, the Times reported, as he argued his earning power had been diminished by his cognitive struggles.


CAMERA: monitoring fact-based reporting in the Middle East

"Ultimately, the truth is bound to prevail," says Tamar Sternthal, director of CAMERA’S Israel office.


Israeli officials to NYT: 'Thousands of more Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza'

Some Israeli officials in the report said that rooting out Hamas terrorists may take years, US officials said its leadership remains settled in an underground network of tunnels.

Pro-Palestine protesters charge The New York Times with genocide inside its lobby

The previous night, at around 1 a.m., pro-Palestinian protesters blocked the drive way of The New York Times printing facility in Queens.

NYT journalist accused of infiltrating into Israel on Oct. 7 wins award

The organization said they won for “chronicling Israel’s bombardment and invasion of their homeland, Gaza. The two photographed the conflict from its opening hours on Oct. 7."

Two Iranian gas pipelines allegedly attacked by Israel - NYT

Officials told the Times that Israel also caused a blast in a chemical factory near Iran's capital on Wednesday.

Nearly quarter of all hostages held by Hamas in Gaza dead, IDF believes

The families of the 32 deceased individuals whose deaths have been confirmed have been informed. 


CIA providing intel to Israel on Hamas leaders, Gaza hostages

The US spy agency oversaw a new task force assembled whose purpose is to gather intelligence on the missing hostages' whereabouts and has already uncovered information on Hamas's top leaders.

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