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The new kind of bigotry growing among progressives - opinion

“A climate of punishment, heretic hunting, recurrent feature of left-wing politics has set in, enforced in some places, through workplace discipline, including firings.”

Bari Weiss resigns from ‘New York Times,’ citing culture of groupthink

"Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery," she wrote in her resignation letter.

New York Times hires opinion editor from a news site critical of Israel

Greenwald, The Intercept founder, has openly criticized Israel and its political leadership, while the publication’s reporters have frequently scrutinized Israel’s right-wing government.

New York Times opinion editor resigns over controversial article

The New York Times has come under fire after it published an editorial on June 3 from US Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, titled "Send in the Troops."

The NYT Cotton op-ed controversy from an op-ed editor’s lens

Was it offensive to publish the June 3, 2020 Cotton op-ed that called for sending in the troops to restore order after a week of protests in the US?

'New York Times' prints grim front page listing US lives lost to COVID-19

The list details the names of each of the selected coronavirus casualties, followed by their name and one sentence describing the uniqueness of the life of the deceased

Marine Corps prohibit the public display of the Confederate Flag

The new command is intended for "immediate execution," according to the New York Times.

Coronavirus's next biggest casualty could be the news industry

Almost overnight, the community paper's advertising business collapsed as the pandemic emptied movie theaters, music clubs, concert halls and arts venues.

China expels American journalists as spat with US escalates

China denounced the newspaper's column as racist and, after the newspaper declined to apologize, revoked the visas of the three reporters in Beijing.

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