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ANAT ENGEL and Uri Geller (photo credit: NAOR BEN SALMON)
ANAT ENGEL and Uri Geller
(photo credit: NAOR BEN SALMON)
Hashtag #Peres

Efrat Duvdevani – director of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, hosted the inventor of the now-world-known ‘Hashtag,’ Chris Messina. The guest said his idea was rejected several times, but he did not give up and for him, the visit to the Peres Center emphasizes the statement which is also the center’s slogan – dream big and never give up

Shikun & Binui

Shikun & Binui chairman Tamir Cohen opened trading on the Tel Aviv stock market last week, celebrating the company’s joining the Tel Aviv Index 35 years ago. Newly appointed Shikun & Binui CEO, Eyal Lapidot, said during his first appearance that the burden of proof is up to the management and the employees of the company who work hard to realize the enormous potential.

Mellanox inauguration

Last week, the inauguration ceremony of the new Mellanox Technologies building took place in Yokneam. The ceremony was presided over by Eyal Waldman – Melanox president and CEO, Jensen Huang – founder and CEO of Nvidia, which acquired Mellanox, and Yokneam Mayor Simon Alfasi. The new building has an advanced laboratory floor and server labs as well as three bridges connecting it to the Solomon building, the company’s nerve center. A Mellanox development center will soon be opened in Jerusalem, in the hi-tech village on the Givat Ram campus of the Open University.

Ariane De Rotschild

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation held a special event to conclude this year’s Ariane de Rothschild Women Doctoral Program. Present were graduates of the program that joined the academy and industry, Miki Kliger – vice chairman of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, director manager Tal Sagi, and program officer Vardit Gilor. The Ariane de Rothschild Program supports outstanding PhD female students from diverse backgrounds and encourages them to integrate in key positions in Israeli society.

Wolfson Hospital

Illusion artist Uri Geller and UK MPs visited Wolfson Hospital in Holon together. During the visit, Dr. Anat Engel, CEO of the medical center, presented the activities of the hospital’s international humanitarian organization Save the Heart of a Child, which has so far operated on more than 5,000 children from 60 different countries around the world.
Translated by Alon Einhorn