Uri Geller

Israeli mystic Uri Geller auctions NFT of personal artwork on OpenSea

Uri Geller's series, titled "11 Flowers," features 11 unique flower drawings produced from his own collection. The first such image, "Flower 1," is currently up for auction.

uri geller

Euro 2020: Uri Geller urges England fans to use mind power to stop ants

The Israeli psychic vowed to help the Three Lions beat Italy and urged fans to recite the phrase "abracadabra."


Uri Geller to 'Post': I saw aliens with NASA, helped England in Euro 2020

Uri Geller, in headlines recently for his role in helping England at soccer in the Euro 2020 games, shares details of his work with NASA.


Israeli mystic Uri Geller says he won Euro 2020 match for England - report

25 years after helping England beat Scotland in the Euro 1996, the spoon bender is back influencing soccer *Vows to help Scotland beat England by channeling the spirit of Robert the Bruce.

Bright nebula gas cloud in deep outer space

Meteorites to be auctioned off for astronomical prices

Notable personalities expected to bid on the Christie's auction include Elon Musk and Uri Geller.

Bent spoon, straight needle: Uri Geller joins Israeli vaccine drive

Bent spoon, straight needle: Uri Geller joins COVID vaccine drive

"I did it!" Geller, 75, said after the spoon broke in his hand while the needle went into the other arm, to applause from onlookers.


Uri Geller allows Pokemon to release Kadabra trading cards

This effectively brings an end to a 20-year legal battle.


Suchard, Gadot and ‘Fauda’ raise funds for Make-a-Wish

The three items raised over NIS 100,000 for the organization at the event held at the home of board member Galit Ferber Sheraski.

Uri Geller bends the truth as he spreads coronavirus conspiracy theory

Geller posted on his Instagram account on Sunday night what he called “Inside information” about COVID-19.

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