Israeli border police fight drugs in southern Israel

Israeli police captures 1526 marijuana plants in illegal greenhouses in the South of Israel

August 20, 2017 20:06
Israeli policeman in a field of weed

Israeli police combates illegal greenhouses . (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

Israeli police secured 1526 illegal marijuana plants in the South of Israel in Ramat Negev by the Nitzana river Sunday. The plants were spotted by a park authority ranger. 

Ever since the Israeli-Egyptian border became more secure with the erection of various roadblocks, illegal marijuana became much more common in South Israel.

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Israeli police are combating this growth by locating illegal greenhouses and arresting the people operating them.
Four greenhouses were discovered, as well as an irrigation system.

Earlier this year, Israel's parliament voted to decriminalize recreational use of marijuana. Under the new legislation, first time offenders could receive a fine in place of criminal action.

Israel also continues to be a leader medical marijuana use and research. However, illegal growth of cannabis continues to be a problem for law enforcement.

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