Notorious Islamic hate preacher arrested again in Jerusalem

“The Children of Israel will all be exterminated, the Anti-Christ will be killed and the Muslims will live in comfort for a long time,” the preacher said in a sermon last month.

November 4, 2015 20:36
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Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi. (photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH)

A notorious Islamic hate preacher, Sheikh Khaled al-Mughrabi, was arrested on Wednesday morning at his residence in the Old City of Jerusalem by the Jerusalem Police on charges of incitement to hatred while giving a sermon in the Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount.

Mughrabi teaches two religious classes a week at the Aksa mosque, which is run by the Jerusalem Islamic Wakf, which administers the mosque and the entire Temple Mount complex.

In a sermon given in October, Mughrabi first explained that “the Children of Israel... will be forced to change their plans to build the Temple inside the structure of al-Aksa Mosque and will have to build it outside al-Aksa Mosque... temple of heresy to worship the devil.”

He then quoted a well-known hadith, written Islamic traditions not in the Koran, in which at the end of days trees and rocks tell Muslims to come and kill Jews hiding behind them.

“The Children of Israel will all be exterminated, the Anti-Christ will be killed and the Muslims will live in comfort for a long time,” Mughrabi concluded in his lesson.

Mughrabi was arrested in August following the airing of another video of one his sermons in June in which he utilized medieval accusations of blood libels against the Jewish people, saying that they slaughter gentile children and drain their blood for use in Passover matzot.

Jews, he said, “would look for a small child, kidnap and steal him, bring a barrel called the barrel of nails... They would put the small child in the barrel and his body would be pierced by these nails. In the bottom of the barrel they would put a faucet and pour the blood.”

Based on the translations of his videos by the Palestinian Media Watch NGO, Honenu, a legal organization that provides legal services to far-right activists, filed a complaint with the Jerusalem police against Mughrabi, which likely led to his arrest on Wednesday.
Al-Aksa Mosque preacher- Jews will worship the Devil and then be exterminated by Muslims

In October, the State Attorney’s Office said that the police had completed its investigation into Mughrabi and a decision whether or not to prosecute the cleric was pending.

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