Watch: Police release video footage of Temple Mount terror attack

New video footage shows how the attackers smuggled weapons into the Temple Mount compound, where they killed two policemen.

Video of Temple Mount terrorist attack (Israeli Police)
Israeli police released video footage on Thursday of the terror attack that occurred on last Friday on the Temple Mount in which two police officers were killed.
The  video shows how the assailants, who were accompanied by an accomplice, entered the Temple Mount complex to take out their attack. Viewers can see the terrorists entering the Old City through Herod's Gate, and then traveling to the Huta Gate, where they entered the Temple Mount compound. While entering the compound, one of the men is seen being stopped by police for a quick search, and is then allowed through.
The accomplice is seen with a bag carrying the weapons used in the attack. The four men enter the mosque with the weapons.Two of the assailants leave the mosque together, with the third trailing behind with the bag. They exit the compound and then leave the Old City through Herod's Gate.
Before committing the attack, the terrorists changed their clothes, then headed back to the Old City with the weapons on their bodies. The can be seen walking through an alleyway, with a police officer in sight. The video then ends just before the shooting begins.
Druse-Israeli officers Hail Stawi and Khaail Shanan were killed in the attack. All three of the terrorists, cousins from the village of Umm el-Fahm, were shot and killed following the attack. The identity of the accomplice has not yet been released.