WATCH: Israelis take to the streets of major cities to protest corruption

Thousands of Israelis protested on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv Haifa and Jerusalem against corruption and pollution.

December 23, 2017 21:01
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Anti-Corruption protest in Jerusalem, December 23, 2017. Credit: Omer Lovton

Anti-Corruption protest in Jerusalem, December 23, 2017. Credit: Omer Lovton

After Shabbat ended on Saturday night, Israelis once again took to the streets in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to protest against government corruption.

For the first time, an anti-corruption protest organized by the Right attracted hundreds.  Approximately 1000 Israelis attended, many carrying signs, including one that warned elected officials: Jerusalem is Eternal, but you are not!

Anti-Corruption protest, man holds a blue sign that says: "Jerusalem is eternal, you are not, go home!"  / UDI SHAHAM

The protesters gathered to show their anger and frustration with a long litany of corruption-related incidents related to the Netanyahu administration.

The Jerusalem protest, organized by Dr. Yoaz Hendel who is the chairman of the Institute for Zionist Strategies, was named 'In favor' as it is supporting of rule of law and normative government, including being in favor of the courts and the police.

The Israeli police have long been investigating various corruption-related cases involving the Israeli Navy and the personal conduct of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"Normative government is not a slogan," warned Hendel, "without it we will not survive here."

Thousands of Israelis protest in Jerusalem against corruption holding signs saying SHAME  / Maariv
Anti-Corruption march in Tel Aviv, December 23 2017 Credit:Wiola Gurdak

In Tel Aviv, thousands of people protested in the now-weekly protests lead by Meni Naftali and Eldad Yaniv. While both men claim to be apolitical, they are widely seen as opposing the prime minister and ergo are associated with the Left.

In Haifa, dozens of Israelis protested outside the home of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon demanding clean air.

Kahlon decided against supporting means to increase funding and supervision of garbage incineration in Israel, which is a major source of pollution.

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