How it really was: Spit and polish!

‘I will not have Dayan speaking for me’.

October 20, 2017 13:04
How it really was: Spit and polish!

Sadat chatting with foreign minister Moshe Dayan during a dinner at the King David Hotel. (photo credit: YAACOV SAAR/GPO)

THE WOMAN walking toward me on Jerusalem’s Hillel Street was the wife of a fellow Canadian. I smiled and stopped to say hello. Once she recognized me, rage flared in her eyes, her hands turned into claws and she snarled something like, “You dirty… you disgusting… you attack Dayan!” Then, she spat at me. Fortunately, she missed.

The year was 1977. Menachem Begin had won a surprise victory over Labor’s Shimon Peres. The press reported that Begin was about to select Dayan as his minister of foreign affairs.


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