Weekly Schmooze: Hug it out!

A JPost column wrapping up Jewish culture news worldwide: Rosh Hashana sing-off; "Friday Night Dinner" hits the US.

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weekly schmooze 311
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A beloved Jewish TV character departed the small screen this week as Entourage’s final episode aired. Ari Gold, the mega-agent based on Ari Emanuel and portrayed by Jeremy Piven, will definitely be missed by all fans of the HBO show – until the rumored Entourage movie comes out. Here's a video tribute to the man who invented "hugging it out." Boom!
Don't mourn the loss of Ari Gold for too long – there are some new, hilarious Jews that may hit primetime TV. An American version of BBC hit Friday Night Dinner has been pitched to NBC by Greg Daniels, who brought The Office to the US. The show features the Goodmans – a mother, father and two adult sons – who have an "awful but cozy" dinner together every Friday night. The dad, Martin, walks around shirtless and never seems to be paying attention, while Jackie, the mom wears leopard print all the time and is obsessed with cooking shows. Throughout the episodes, brothers Jonny and Adam are constantly pranking each other, with mixed results.
In other television news, Mayim Bialik, star of The Big Bang Theory, is looking for a modest dress to wear to the Emmys. The actress formerly known as Blossom recounts the tribulations of working with a stylist while adhering to the laws of tzniut in Jewish parenting blog Kveller. Of course, she doesn't have such problems when portraying Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit sitcom, since the uber-nerdy character wears long, dowdy skirts and cardigans in nearly every episode.
Rosh Hashana is in less than two weeks, and the Internet is abuzz with two new parody videos in honor of the Jewish New Year. First we have Aish, with breakdancing and parkour in Jerusalem's Old City:
Next come The Fountainheads, replacing Shakira's "Waka Waka" with "Rosh Hashana:"
Your move, Maccabeats!
When Hanukka rolls along, we may or may not be hearing more news of a Judah Maccabee biopic by Mel Gibson. It was reported earlier this week that the actor and director, who has been recorded making anti-Semitic statements, plans to make a film based on the Book of Maccabees for Warner Brothers. Jeffrey Goldberg published excerpts from an interview with Gibson that he conducted in preparation for a book about the Chanukah hero.  The Aussie actor called the Book of Maccabees "ripping good reads." Gibson explained: "Oh my God, the odds they faced. The armies they faced had elephants! How cinematic is this!" Goldberg and Gibson's conversation seems to have focused on the centrality of circumcision in the battle between the Greeks and the Maccabees, a detail the actor seemed to want to skip in his movie. Of course New York Magazine is predicting that the film will never actually be made, so all the concern may be in vain.
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